Currently, M de Mauriac is probably the best ham that can be found in Ile-de-France region.

A quality supply
Mauriac went to look for the best in terms of supply by getting closer to the "Ile-de-France pork" sector and the breeding of the Aubetin farm. Particular attention is paid to animals, particularly in terms of feeding: pigs are fed with linseed, which gives the meat an exceptional flavour.

A traditional method
Mauriac is one of the last cured meats to use vein curing, a traditional technique that allows for an even and homogeneous distribution of the seasoning in the ham. The result of this double know-how is to be absolutely discovered and shared with a clientele in search of the best products.

A pure delight
Mauriac's know-how combined with the qualities of the Ile-de-France pork sector gives an exceptional result. The meat is tender and tasty with a more evenly distributed fat. An incomparable taste experience.